Monday, February 3, 2014

On My Way To Living My Creative Dream~ Post 4

It's been awhile since I've written a status on my journey of living the creative dream. Since October, I have spent the last couple of months sending out promos and emails getting my work out and so far- I have heard nothing. So the next best thing to do, is to keep creating!!! I have been loosening up and experimenting with some vector illustrations and most recently I took another plunge by signing up for ....
LRSSchool logo300

2014 Assignment BOOTCAMP with Lila Rogers . My hopes in taking the class is to enrich my portfolio with a whole new layer of rich color palettes and whimsical characters. Hopefully, it will also help me to add yet even another layer of of texture to my portraits. Mostly, I just want to create and have fun! What better way to do it than with those who do it best! 

I'm excited! I'm still working on creating another promo for late Spring, early Summer. I keep telling myself~ "I am able to create EXCEEDINGLY, ABOVE and BEYOND my limited thinking". Living my creative dream is still well underway and I am enjoying every minute. Just like the art I create, it takes layers to create a masterpiece! I know that sooner or later I will break through and be able to fully support myself off of the art I create. Until then- I hope you enjoy the impressions I am leaving behind so far.  Here's just a glimpse of some recent art. You can always keep up with current soulful impressions on

(work in progress)

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