Monday, November 4, 2013

Layering Watercolors

It takes several layers to create that just right portrait. The process alone may seem a bit tedious. But for me it is soothes my soul! I love how a thought evolves through research and then finally begins to emerge through a pencil sketch. I started this Kerry Washington illustration thinking about this weeks Illustration Friday's challenge word - SECRET. I knew that Kerry had some secrets she kept hidden. And, since I'm such a Scandal fan I thought it would be a great illustration to work on.

Here is the FINAL ___ Still a work in progress for me

I usually research several images of a subject before I choose the image 
I would like to work on.

After the initial sketch is complete ...- Then the FUN begins! 

The layering begins with watercolor.

Once I've blocked all of my colors in, it's time for a digital layer.


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    1. Learned something new~ while stopping by your blog! Thanks so much for stopping by here. It provided me the opportunity to find your bold, colorful and wonderful portraits too!