Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Time to say GoodBye

There comes a time when we must all learn to say good bye. The very first angel of my series of heavenly impressions has been SOLD or better yet has FOUND A NEW HOME! Now she will be able to leave her impressions on a new family. Earlier I shared the story behind this lovely angel. Many years ago I had a wonderful dream that left an impression on my soul that left me laughing for several days in such great joy! This was the inspiration to this "Guardian Angel".

In the midst of this original art finding a new home- I began working on a new promo and I gather some art that I will be selling via my Etsy store. I am debating over selling prints of some work, including the lovely "Guardian Angel". I'm starting to think  what it means for me to be a 'soulful' artist. In my heart- I love creating work that resonates to viewers and leaves such an impression on them that there is an instant bond the image creates in their mind. After pondering for some time now- I am starting to think creating a print of an original expression takes away from the value of the original expression. I'm curious to get feedback from fellow artists on this subject. So as I ponder on this... leave me your feedback. Would you prefer an original work of art versus a printed copy of an original?

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