Sunday, September 8, 2013

Illustration Friday - Hidden

Be Aware of What Lies Hidden Above....

Awhile back I had a dream that woke me in the early morning laughing so hard with tears of joy. The dream began where I saw myself standing in front of a classroom teaching. The door was open and I was quickly startled when I saw people running by claiming that the end of the world had come. Curiosity led out of the classroom into another dimension I could only dream. I was quickly surrounded by clouds. I felt such peace and I took my time embracing the stillness of the air and the sweet comfort the clouds provided me. But, I felt something calling my attention. Something, Someone, was 'hidden' in the cloud... It was a shape of a figure that camouflaged itself in the shape of the clouds.... Was it an angel? I can not tell. The joy that she gave me though - is just a small snippet captured in this image, taken the form of this wonderful soulful angel. Hope you enjoy!

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