Wednesday, October 9, 2013

On My Way To Living the Creative Dream Post #3

Call It Like It Is?

Have you ever been called to a role of leadership and quickly turn it down? In your mind you begin to run down the negative qualities you have that make you not equip for the assignment. We see it all the time. In scripture- Moses was called to lead Israel out of Egypt. He focused on his stuttering and the fact that he wasn't an educated man. But, he was persistent, faithful, patient, teachable, and obedient. All great qualities to lead. 

Years ago, I too kept getting hints that I should be a children's illustrator. I in return declined with excuses. God in return patiently pursued me by dropping more hints. Than the brick hit me on the head- and I began to call myself what he already saw me as. I am a Children's Illustrator, a Licensing Artist who creates soulful expressions that resonates joy to the heart of both children and adults. I specialize in biography portraits that capture the very essence of the characters' soul. Deep huh? Like Picasso said- “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” 

I am in week 6, consulting with the lovely Holli Conger and so far I have learned so much about myself. One, I have always had a passion for creating I just really needed guidance- more like a PUSH! I found out that although I have been discouraged with my career- I really didn't have my heart and soul into the art of 'creating'. I was creating for others. When I say that- I was being commissioned to create many portraits, house renderings, caricatures- you name it- I drew it! But, in all those commissions, I never got to express the art that was within myself. 

This Summer, I spent time working with budding artists and through guiding them to find their inner creative. I found myself. I spent time zoning into my craft and creating work that made me feel joyful. 

Last post, I was debating about joining the SCBWI and I just dived in and joined. I feel like the membership will give me an opportunity for more resources from fellow creatives and that is always a great tool. And now, I have just finished my email and mail promos. Here's a peak.

Now, it's time to start sifting through names of art directors and publications and deciding just where the Soulful Artist will be leaving her impressions!!!! Join me next time to see the status of my journey to living the creative life! Until than call it like it is! If you desire to be a dancer, be an EXTRAORDINARY dancer able to take leaps and bounds! For me, I am Soulful Artist, Children's Illustrator/Licensing Artist, leaving behind my soulful expressions for you to enjoy!

Soulful's Journey to Living the Creative Life
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