Thursday, September 19, 2013

On My Way To Living The Creative Dream!

On My Way To Living The Creative Dream!
I've been an artist all my life. Just recently I was reminiscing with a family member who was telling me that I was always coloring and being creative. At the time I never thought that the obsession I had with my coloring books would develop into a passion for creating art every day!

What can I say? When I made the decision to go to college, I wanted to focus on the art of illustration. The program was eliminated and was pushed into graphic design. What I realize now is that it didn't matter if I used words, colors and a computer. My soul wanted to leave an impression that would draw a reader into my layouts. I wanted someone to look at a business card I created and think about the image or colors playing in their minds. That is what I call- a soulful impression.

When my son was born several years ago I felt a longing to be creative in another venue. I put down the mouse and started focusing on my pencil and paper. Low and behold, I realized I was thirsty - thirsty to create with canvas and various media. So- I embarked on a small seed that was slowly sprouting inside of me. It was my illustrator seed. I began contributing to Illustration Friday, started doing commission caricatures locally. It wasn't until I got my first commission at a magazine that I realize - I had the potential to live the "creative dream". What's that? As a an artist- I want to run far away from the concept of "starving artist". I may be slim but, I still love to eat. I still want to enjoy life, travel, and place my mark on this world ; while I am living! There are many other artist who live the creative life today. If they can make a living being creative - I know that this seed that was placed inside of me can flourish into a wonderful journey. 

After some fail attempts in the past, of embarking on my freelance career; I decided that this year before I dare say turn that milestone age I was going to reach my destiny. I was going to reach my destiny of becoming a successful illustrator! I started working feverishly creating wonderful soulful impressions. But, one of the biggest steps I took; was to work with the very talented Holli Conger. We all need a little push off of the edge of the cliff of our dreams! That push has been Holli for me. I am in my third week working with Holli and immediately, my husband says- WOW! You have such a fire in you!

JOIN ME as I embark on a new chapter in my creative journey- a soulful journey full of wonderful impressions that will resonate on many little ones, and adults alike! The Soulful Artist is on the way to 'living the creative dream'! Watch for future posts that will document my journey. 

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  1. Hello Wilnara:

    We always realized you were and are a creative person, and it would have been a shame if you gave up on allowing the world to be part of you wonderful creations... God and family are with you on this journey.. Be blessed!!!