Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Illustration Friday- Intentions

It was clearly "little mama's" intention to sing her heart out! But, she had no
idea her little friends were not amused by her melody!


  1. Love her stuffed toys' expressions! This reminds me so much of our school talent show last week. One second grader in particular (so cute!) sang her little heart out. She was off key most of the time, but she put so much heart into it nobody minded one bit. I'll bet "little mama's" friends will come around, too. :)

    1. lol....I hope so Rebecca! They seem reluctant but, I'm sure "little mama" can persuade them to love her!

  2. Aww, she's so cute - love the hair accessory. But I am going to guess from the expressions of her poor critters that she may be hurting their ears. It's ok, she has time to grow into her voice! Or maybe she should be a dentist instead. :)