Monday, November 18, 2013

Designer Pair of Shoes Custom Fitted Just For YOU!

REVELATION: After meditating this early morning a revelation came to me ....
I am very impatient! We live in a society that expects in a SNAP for things to work out for their good. In the past couple of months I have been working on my career as an artist with the focus on getting my work published in children's books as well as doing some editorial work. I was able to be consulted and really felt that this would give me a push in the direction of 'success'. As I currently send out my promos and dive into my career; I realized I was walking in the wrong size shoe! Do you ever feel like you are walking in shoes that are either to small or to large? Well I was trying to walk in the shoes of other successful artist/ illustrators instead of walking in the shoe that GOD created just for me!!! It's okay to be guided by other successful artists but, we must be cautious as not to slip into their shoes.

We loose focus worrying about getting to this so call finish line; thinking we will reach success. But, in actuality, success could be right in front of us. GOD has made me a designer pair of shoe and for years I wanted to walk in some 'mediocre' pair of shoes. We get on our knees and pray that GOD will grant us favor. We ask for the things we think will make us feel like we have made it. Or, maybe we are in a bind and we call onto GOD with a quick request, expecting that he will deliver in 30 minutes or less. But, this is not the local pizza delivery. This is a higher being we are talking about. And he is the only one with a true 'creative license' to mold and shape us into the very best designer pair of shoe  he sees fit! Each pair of shoe that he creates is custom fitted to each individual. And if we slip into a pair of shoe that is not custom designed for us than it looses it's value and becomes mediocre. That's why it's so important to walk in the pair of shoe that GOD has created just for you!!!

 I realized that I have to be more patient and to learn how to surrender to what GOD has in store for me. I am missing the very great blessings GOD has in store for me with my limited thinking. 

There are times when I have an expectation of what I desire and I forget that I am the clay and GOD is the potter. It's about submitting to his will without expecting. If I just take a deep breathe in and release and let the art flow onto the canvas; He WILL WORK IT ALL OUT. I know that the promos will eventually be answered. I know the children's book deals will come. 

For years, I have struggled with teaching my art and with having an exhibition of my work. And in the last year, I have been approached with several request to either teach or show my work. I resisted because I felt that in order to reach 'success' as an artist; I should have publish work in magazines and books. There is nothing wrong with that but, I have to also learn that if I ask GOD to help me grow as an artist and to get my work out. I must learn to surrender my concepts of what I feel is best for me and let GOD guide me into those designer pair of shoes!!! Thank you Lord for this REVELATION and 
I hope that this may bless someone else too!

Stay tuned for more of the Soulful Artist's happenings  .... 

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