Monday, September 2, 2013

Walking Through The Valley

"Yeah Thou I Walk through
                the Valley"

This mixed media painting was completed with acrylic, ink, some collage and a little bit of my soul leaving behind an impression on you.

The idea of this soulful lady came right after spending some time in prayer and asking myself what causes us to stand still in our fears.

For those who don't know me- I have had a seed growing in me that strives to be an illustrator creating soulful art for both adult and children.

I always enjoyed the creative process of fellow artist but, more so their soulful impressions left behind on the pages of children's books, in magazines, and even the art that makes an impression in our everyday lives on mugs, bags, and so much more.

Well, I took a leap of faith and asked for help. I figure since I have been creating for so long- I need some help to really get a plan of action into effect.The window of opportunity is opening up and I feel the breeze nudging me and the wind is flowing through my hair. Calling me.

Do you ever feel like you have an idea for something? Or you feel you have been called to do something but, fear keeps you still. 

Take action and walk confidently in the path that has been set for you. Ask for help- Take a LEAP of faith. 
I am a firm believer that there is not a valley that God has not placed in front of his children to not be able to walk through into his shining light of destiny in their life. Join me on my new journey while I work with a very talented artist who will be assisting me in the next level of my illustration career. Stay tune ... 

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